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Accepted Papers List

CGC2012, SCA2012, BigDataMR2012, PriSecCSN2012, SNAIDM2012, SNSDB2012, WMSC2012, WW2012

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CGC2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñAn Energy Model for Applications Running on Multicore Systems

Delbert Bonner and Akbar Siami Namin

¡ñAn Ad-hoc Distributed Reasoning Scheme for Content Centric Networking

Aiping Yi, Junnian Wang and Zhuhua Liao

¡ñA General Approach to Service Deployment in Cloud Environments

Wubin Li, Petter Sv?rd, Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth

¡ñImplementing Smith-Waterman Algorithm with Two-dimensional Cache on GPUs

Xiaowen Feng, Hai Jin, Ran Zheng, Zhiyuan Shao and Lei Zhu

¡ñOptimizing Xen Hypervisor by Using the Lock-aware Scheduling

Alin Zhong, Hai Jin, Song Wu, Xuanhua Shi and Wei Gen

¡ñConfiguration and Optimization of Virtual Business in Cloud Computing Environment

Hongjun Sun, Shuangxi Huang, Yushun Fan and Wei Su

¡ñKey Research Issues for Privacy Protection and Preservation in Cloud Computing

Gaofeng Zhang, Yun Yang, Xuyun Zhang, Chang Liu, Jinjun Chen

¡ñAn Approach to History Based Automatic Service Composition

Xingyu Zeng, Xinhuai Tang and Delai Chen

¡ñDynamic Grouping Strategy in Cloud Computing

Qin Liu, Yuhong Guo, Jie Wu and Guojun Wang

¡ñA Trust Based Model for Federated Identity Architecture to Mitigate Identity Theft

Eghbal Ghazizadeh, Mazdak Zamani and Jamalul-Lail Ab Manan

¡ñRecommending Pick-up Points for Taxi-drivers Based on Spatio-temporal Clustering

Mingyue Zhang, Jianxun Liu, Yizhi Liu, Zhenyang Hu, Liang Yi

¡ñSEJ: An Even Approach to Multiway Theta-Joins using MapReduce

Changchun Zhang, Jing Li, Lei Wu, Meiyan Lin and Weiqing Liu

¡ñComplex Event Detection and Operation in Pervasive Computing

Pengfei Dai

¡ñMulti-Attribute Combinatorial Marketplaces for Cloud Resource Trading

Ahmed Salim Alrawahi, Kevin Lee

¡ñA QoS-Aware Service Optimization Method Based on History Records and Clustering

Shunmei Meng, Zhenxing Liu and Wanchun Dou

¡ñScientific-Workflow-Management-As-a-Service in the Cloud

Yong Zhao, Youfu Li, Wenhong Tian and Ruini Xue

¡ñEnergy-Efficient Virtual Machine Scheduling and Live Migration in a Novel Resource Management Framework for Green Clouds

Supriya Kinger, Anju Sharma and Rajesh Kumar

¡ñSpot-on for timed instances: striking a balance between spot and on-demand instances

Thomas Knauth and Christof Fetzer

¡ñData Sharing in Data-Centric Multi-Tenant Software as a Service

Usman Aslam and Hamid Mukhtar

¡ñVertical scaling for prioritized VMs provisioning

Lenar Yazdanov and Christof Fetzer

¡ñMemcache and MongoDB based GIS Web Service

Jinghong Yang; Wuyang Ping; Lin Liu; Qiping Hu

¡ñTowards Privacy Preserving Mining over Distributed Cloud Databases

Ayad Ibrahim, Hai Jin, Ali A. Yassin and Deqing Zou

¡ñRisk-aware Checkpoint Selection in Cloud-based Scientific Workflow

Mingzhong Wang, Liehuang Zhu and Jinjun Chen

¡ñSymbiotic Scheduling for Virtual Machines on SMT Processors

Kefeng Deng, Kaijun Ren and Junqiang Song

¡ñA Monitoring Mechanism for Storage Clouds

Spyridon V. Gogouvitis, Vassileios Alexandrou, Nikoletta Mavrogeorgi, Stefanos Koutsoutos, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Theodora Varvarigou

¡ñSocial Networking for Sharing Cloud Resources

Zahra Ali, Raihan ur Rasool, Peter Bloodsworth

¡ñElastic JADE

Umar Siddiqui, Ghalib Ahmed Tahir, Attiq ur rehman, Zahra Ali, Peter Bloodsworth, Raihan ur Rasool

¡ñRe-encryption Optimization in CP-ABE based Cryptographic Cloud Storage

Yong Cheng, Jiangchun Ren, Zhiying Wang, Songzhu Mei, Jie Zhou

¡ñAttributes Union in CP-ABE Algorithm for Large Universe Cryptographic Access Control

Yong Cheng, Jiangchun Ren, Zhiying Wang, Songzhu Mei, Jie Zhou

¡ñPreprocessing scheme of intelligent assembly for a high performance VLIW DSP

Yonghua Hu, Shuming Chen and Jie Huang

¡ñEnergy efficient computing through productivity-aware frequency scaling

Lesandro Ponciano, Andrey Brito, L¨ªvia Sampaio and Francisco Brasileiro

¡ñCompatibleOne: Designing an Energy Efficient Open Source Cloud Broker

Julien Carpentier, Jean-Patrick Gelas, Laurent Lefevre, Maxime Morel, Olivier Mornard, Jean-Pierre Laisne

¡ñA Multi-step-ahead CPU Load Prediction Approach in Distributed System

Dingyu Yang, Jian Cao, Cheng Yu, Jing Xiao

¡ñE-Health Framework Based on Autonomic Cloud Computing

Goran Martinovic and Bruno Zoric

¡ñA QoS-aware Dynamic Data Replica Deletion Strategy for Distributed Storage Systems under Cloud Computing Environments

LIAO Bin, YU Jiong, SUN Hua, NIAN Mei

¡ñParallel Text Clustering Based on MapReduce

Zewen Cao and Yao Zhou

¡ñResearch on Code Migration Framework for Mobile Computing

Long Cheng, Homing Cai and Lihong Jiang

¡ñRules and Implementation for Generating Ontology from Relational Database

Yutao Ren, Lihong Jiang, Fenglin Bu and Hongming Cai

¡ñThe parallel algorithm of the non-differentiable Maximum Likelihood Ensemble Filter on cloud environments

Wangyi Han, Junqiang Song, Xiaoqun Cao

¡ñAn Efficient Scheme for Minimum-Latency Data Aggregation in Two- and Three-Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks

Hongju Cheng; Feifei Li; Laurence T. Yang; Naixue Xiong

¡ñGreen Queue: Customized Large-scale Clock Frequency Scaling

Ananta Tiwari, Michael Laurenzano, Joshua Peraza, Laura Carrington and Allan Snavely

¡ñA Proactive Fault Tolerance Approach to High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud

Ifeanyi P. Egwutuoha, Shiping Chen, David Levy, Bran Selic and Rafael Calvo

¡ñEnergy Footprint of Advanced Dense Numerical Linear Algebra using Tile Algorithms on Multicore Architectures

Jack Dongarra, Hatem Ltaief, Piotr Luszczek and Vincent M. Weaver

¡ñAnonymous Password Authentication Scheme by Using Digital Signature and Fingerprint in Cloud Computing

Ali A.Yassin, Hai Jin, Ayad Ibrahim, Deqing Zou

¡ñA Service Provisioning Strategy Based on SPEA2 for SaaS Applications in Cloud


¡ñReducing the number of miscreant tasks executions in a multi-use cluster

Andrew Stephen Mcgough, Matthew Forshaw, Clive Gerrard and Stuart Wheater

¡ñPrivacy-preserving Layer over MapReduce on Cloud

Xuyun Zhang, Chang Liu, Surya Nepal, Wanchun Dou, Jinjun Chen

¡ñMinimizing the Energy Cost of Servers in Data Center Networks

Jun Wu, Qin Jia, Jin Zhao and Xin Wang



¡ñStudy on Anti-Attack Model for Low-Latency Anonymous Communication System

Sun Dongbin, Liu Wu, Sun Donghong, Ren Ping

¡ñA System for Parallel Data Mining Service on Cloud

Tao Chen, Jidong Chen, Baoyao Zhou


SCA2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñAcademic Recommendation on Graph with Dynamic Transfer Chain

Tiejian Luo, Guandong Xu

¡ñDetermining the number of clusters in co-authorship networks using social network theory

Qinxue Meng, Paul J. Kennedy

¡ñEfficient Structural Query Evaluation over Social Data

Chaoyong Wang, Xueqing Gong, Xiaoling Wang

¡ñReal-time Search over a Microblogging System

Ming Gao, Cheqing Jin, Weining Qian, Xueqing Gong

¡ñAUTrust: A Practical Trust Measurement for Adjacent Users in Social Networks

Guangyu Yin, Fan Jiang, Shaoyin Cheng, Xiang Li and Xing He

¡ñA Visual Exploratory Search Engine Solution Based on Cloud Computing

Tang Xinhuai, Chen Delai

¡ñWeb Service Ranking based on Context

Rong Zhang, Koji Zettsu,Yutaka Kidawara, Yasushi Kiyoki

¡ñDiscovering Communities with Self-adaptive k Clustering in Microblog Data

Huang Ting, Dunlu Peng, Lidong Cao

¡ñNegative Effects of Incentivised Viral Campaigns for Activity in Social Networks

Radoslaw Michalski, Jaroslaw Jankowski, Przemyslaw Kazienko

¡ñGroup Division for Recommendation in Tag-based Systems

Rong Pan, Guandong Xu, Peter Dolog, Yu Zong

¡ñWeb page Recognition Algorithm Based on Link Analysis in Theme Search Engine

Zude Chen, Jianxun Liu, Haijun Zhai, Lei Jiang and Buqing Cao

¡ñMashup Service Classification and Recommendation based on Similarity Computing

Guangrong Wang, Jianxun Liu, Buqing Cao and Mingdong Tang

¡ñASML: Artificial Society Modelling Language for ACP Approach Based-on Organization Metaphors

Mingsheng Tang, Xinjun Mao, Huiping Zhou and Xueyan Tan

¡ñApplying Centrality Measures to the Behavior Analysis of Developers in Open Source Software Community

Peng He, Bing Li and Yuan Huang

¡ñFoundations of Trust: Contextualising Trust in Social Clouds

Simon Caton, Christoph Dukat, Tilo Grenz, Christian Haas, Michaela ?Pfadenhauer and Christof Weinhardt

¡ñGrey Forecast Model for Accurate Recommendation in Presence of Data Sparsity and Correlation

Feng Xie, Zhen Chen, Jiaxing Shang, Geoffrey C. Fox

¡ñMicroblogging Sentiment Analysis Using Emotional Vector

Lumin Zhang, Yan Jia and Bin Zhou

¡ñUsing Social Intelligence for New Event Detection in Microblog Stream

Zhaoyun Ding, Bingying Xu, Bin Zhou, Peng Zou

¡ñA Practical Method for Detecting Community Structures in Decentralized and Unstructured P2P Networks

Meng Liu, Zhenxing Liu and Wanchun Dou

¡ñA Ranked-based Learning Approach To Automated Essay Scoring

Hongbo Chen, Ben He, Tiejian Luo and Baobin Li

¡ñA Method for Extracting Influential Nodes while Considering the Development of Social Networks

Masaki Oono

¡ñForum Data Extraction without Explicit Rules

Jingwei Zhang, Cheqing Jin, Yuming Lin, Xueqing Gong

¡ñMobiMsg: A Resource-Efficient Location-Based Mobile Instant Messaging System

Sheng Zhao, Feng Xia, Zhen Chen, Zhen Li and Jianhua Ma

¡ñEstablishing Service Level Agreement Requirement Based on Monitoring

Haiteng Zhang, Zhiqing Shao, Hong Zheng and Jie Zhai

¡ñA tool for improving personalization and information sharing using implicit groups

Miguel Rangel Pais, Carmen Morgado and Jose C. Cunha

¡ñMeasuring popularity in social network groups

Tania Leit?o, Carmen Morgado and Jose C. Cunha

¡ñAn Enhanced Community Detection Method Based on Neighborhood Similarity

Shaoqian Zhang, Zhenxing Liu and Wanchun Dou

¡ñFinding popular friends in social networks

Fan Jiang, Carson Kai-Sang Leung, Syed K. Tanbeer

¡ñCOG Network Model for Military Planning Based on Improved Analysis Network Process

Jiang Wang, Xiu-qun Feng, Meng Qian, Cheng Zhu

¡ñModeling Influence in Online Multi-party Discourse

Samira Shaikh, Tomek Strzalkowski, Jenny Stromer-Galley, George Aaron Broadwell, Sarah Taylor, Ting Liu, Veena Ravishankar, Xiaoai Ren, Umit Boz

¡ñOSL: An Optimized Strategy of Data Replicas for Online Social Network

Shaoteng Han, Zhihan Liu and Fangchun Yang

¡ñBook Recommendation Based On Joint Multi-Relational Model

Qiuzi Shangguan, Liang Hu, Jian Cao and Guandong Xu

¡ñFrequency and link analysis of online novels toward social contents ranking

Eisuke Ito and Kazunori Shimizu

¡ñAn Automated Web Services Composition System Based on Service Classification and AI Planning

Shanfeng Qi, Xinhuai Tang and Delai Chen

¡ñAnalysis of the Digital Home Wireless Meter Reading Interface Execution Process

Hong Zheng, Yihong Wang, Weimin Zhong

¡ñShortest Path Based Potential Common Friend Recommendation in Social Networks

Xiuxia Tian, Yangli Song, Xiaoling Wang, Xueqing Gong

¡ñDynamic Media Distribution in Ad-Hoc Social Networks

Juwel Rana, Johan Kristiansson and K?re Synnes

¡ñLocal Community Detection Using Seeds Expansion

Bingying Xu, Zheng Liang, Yan Jia, Bin Zhou, Yi Han

¡ñInfluenceRank: An Efficient Social Influence Measurement for Millions of Users in Microblog

Wenlong Chen, Shaoyin Cheng, Xing He and Fan Jiang

¡ñExtraction And Analysis Of Chinese Microblog Topics From Sina

Lin Li and Xing Chen

¡ñInvestigating City Characteristics based on Community Profiling in LBSNs

Zhu Wang, Daqing Zhang, Dingqi Yang, Zhiyong Yu, Xingshe Zhou, Zhiwen Yu

¡ñWho are more Influential Spreaders Users with Broader Social Circle or with more Friends

Senzhang Wang, Fang Wang, Zhoujun Li and Xiaoming Zhang

¡ñPSO-TPS: An Optimal Trust Path Selection Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization in Small World Network

Guangquan Xu, Chao Xu, Xiuming Tian, Luxia Zhang, Xiaohong Li and Weisheng Li

¡ñA network-flow based influence propagation model for social networks

Wookey Lee, Carson Kai-Sang Leung, Justin Jongsu Song, Chris Soo-Hyun Eom

¡ñCustomer Preference Analysis Based on SNS Data

Giyeon Kim, Kim Jaesung, Choi Chihwan, Yang Minhyeok, Jeon Sunghyeon, Na Jonghwa, Cho Wansup, Jung Insun, Hwang Yeongjae


BigDataMR2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñThe Impact of Capacity Scheduler Configuration Settings on MapReduce Jobs

Jagmohan Chauhan, Dwight Makaroff, Winfried Grassmann

¡ñPerformance Model for Parallel Matrix Multiplication with Dryad: Dataflow Graph

Hui Li, Geoffrey Fox, Judy Qiu

¡ñA Content-based Image Retrieval System Based on Hadoop and Lucene

Chunhao Gu, Yang Gao

¡ñPerformance Optimization for Short MapReduce Job Execution in Hadoop

Jinshuang Yan, Xiaoliang Yang, Rong Gu, Chunfeng Yuan, Yihua Huang

¡ñHadoop-based Genome Comparisons

Paul Heinzlreiter, Michael Thomas Krieger, Iris Leitner

¡ñBig Data Challenges: A Program Optimization Perspective

Arun Kejariwal

¡ñMapreduce Performance in Heterogeneous Environments: A Review

Salma Khalil, Sameh A.Salem, Salwa Nassar, Elsayed M.Saad

¡ñOntology-based Temporal Relation Modeling with MapReduce Latent Dirichlet Allocations for Big EHR data

Dingcheng Li, Cui Tao, Hongfang Liu, Christopher G. Chute

¡ñBeyond Simple Integration of RDBMS and MapReduce Paving the Way toward a Unified System for Big Data Analytics Vision and Progress

Xiongpai QIN, Huiju WANG, Furong LI, Baoyao ZHOU, Yu CAO, Cuiping LI, Hong CHEN, Xuan ZHOU, Xiaoyong DU, Shan WANG

¡ñA Selection Strategy Supporting Service Outsourcing in Cloud Platform

Lianyong Qi, Jiancheng Ni, Chao Yan


PriSecCSN2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñA consent-patienship based privacy model for healthcare

Teemupekka Virtanen

¡ñOpen Social and XACML based Group Authorization Framework

Hui Zhang, Zhenan Li and Wenjun Wu

¡ñAn Advanced Mutual-Authentication Algorithm Using 3DES for Smart Card Systems

Hippolyte Djonon Tsague, Fulufhelo Nelwamondo and Ntsika Msimang


SNAIDM2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñRich-club Connectivity in Large-scale Complex Networks

Rongtian He, Jichang Zhao and Ke Xu

¡ñPairwise Interaction Pattern in The Weighted Communication Network

Xiao-Ke Xu, Jian-Bo Wang, Ye Wu and Michael Small

¡ñModeling of posting behavior in mobile internet based on human dynamics

Qiang Yan, Lianren Wu and Lanli Yi

¡ñAnalysis of competitive information dessimination in social network based on evolutionary game model

Jianye Yu, Yuanzhuo Wang, Jingyuan Li, Huawei Shen and Xueqi Cheng

¡ñTraining Opinion Leaders in Microblog: a Game Theory Approach

Jingyuan Li, Guoliang Xing, Yuanzhuo Wang, Yan Ren

¡ñThe untold story behind the recommendation in micro-blogging network

Tong Man, Hua-Wei Shen, Xue-Qi Cheng


SNSDB2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñFinding Core Topics: Topic Extraction with Clustering on Tweet

Sungchul Kim, Sungho Jeon, Jinha Kim, Young-Ho Park, Hwanjo Yu

¡ñTime-Dependent User Profiling for TV Recommendation

Jinoh Oh, Youngchul Sung, Jinha Kim, Muhammad Humayoun, Young-Ho Park, Hwanjo Yu

¡ñA Partitioned-based Method of Convex Skyline for Efficient Processing Top-k Queries

Ki-Eun Lee, Sun-Young Ihm, Jun-Seok Heo, Jeong-Joon Lee and Young-Ho Park

¡ñUNWRAP: An Approach on Wrapping-Attack Tolerant SOAP Messages

Aziz Nasridinov, Jeong-Yong Byun and Young-Ho Park

¡ñA QoS-Aware Performance Prediction for Self-Healing Web Service Composition

Aziz Nasridinov, Jeong-Yong Byun and Young-Ho Park

¡ñMovie Recommendation System Based on Movie Swarm

Sajal Halder, A. M. Jehad Sarkar and Young-Koo Lee

¡ñA Big Data Model supporting Information Recommendation in Social Networks

Xiaoyue Han, Lianhua Tian, Minjoo Yoon, Minsoo Lee

¡ñTowards Trustworthy Information Propagation by Risk Discovery Process in Social Networking Services

Meinu Quan, Jason J. Jung


WMSC2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñWorkflow Refactoring for Concurrent Task Execution

Mingzhong Wang, Jinjun Chen and Liehuang Zhu

¡ñA Performance Analysis on Task Allocation using Social Context

Jiaxing Xu, Zhenguang Huang, Yang Yu and Maolin Pan

¡ñA particle swarm optimization algorithm for batch processing workflow scheduling

Yi-Ping Wen, Zhigang Chen, Tiemin Chen, Jianxun Liu and Guosheng Kang


WW2012 Accepted Papers:

¡ñA Method of Extracting High Precision Point to Replace in-situ SST Data

Hongmei Shi, Lingyu Xu, Cuicui Song, Xiangfeng Luo, Fei Zhong, Yang Liu

¡ñA Decentralized Approach for Implementing Identity Management in Cloud Computing

Jun Chen, Xing Wu, Shilin Zhang, Wu Zhang, Yanping Niu


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